Facial treatments in Armagh

Have clear, healthy and youthful skin with our facial treatments

The Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic provides innovative skin care solutions using cosmeceutical, aroma-therapeutic and phyto-therapeutic products. We offer a wide range of facials, each working on specific aspects of skin care and improvement. 

We have facials that provide deep cleansing, deep hydration, skin tightening, eye contouring, skin lightening and so on. We also do specialist non-surgical facials that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Our treatment rooms are comfortably furnished with warm beds and candlelit to create a cocooning experience, ensuring you relax and enjoy your pamper sessions. Visit our beauty clinic in Armagh today.
Body massages and wraps

Cleanse and revitalise your skin with our facial treatments.

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Le Grande Classique

70min ~ £50

One of the most elaborate, complete facials. Leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion.

Customised and recommended at any age, it centres on Yon-Ka's exclusive deep cleansing regimen: 5 successive steps carried out with the utmost care in the oxygenating atmosphere of the 5 Quintessence essential oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme), the pure glow of the epidermis is revealed, one step at a time.

Result: purified skin, a toned complexion and optimum relaxation.
Le Grande Classique is a fundamental facial to indulge in once
a month to keep skin healthy and in top condition.

Essential Steps of your Yon-Ka treatment:
  • Aromatic compress
  • 2 warm mists with 5 essential oils
  • Plant-based soft peel
  • Peeling
  • Gentle elimination of blackheads
  • Relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté
  • Eye contour mask
  • Purifying mask with aromatic compress for face and neck
  • Aromatic freshness awakening


70min ~ £55

Tightness, stinging...is your skin becoming rough and lacklustre or being marked by fine lines? This a cry for help; your skin in drying out. This high-performance treatment will quickly help to restore its balance, suppleness, and softness.

What's the secret?
The powerfully softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts; the use of 2 refreshing masks, one including a massage with a fine aromatic mist; and the application of a reparative, hydration-reactivating due using Yon-Ka techniques.
The Yon-Ka touch during this facial: the application of a soft gel peel with citrus extracts on the hands, to hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously.

Result: skin is renewed, soothed, and rebalanced; softness and beauty are restored.

Choose Hydralessence year-round, as soon as skin starts to show symptoms of dehydration.

Ideal before using auto-bronzant or before or after tanning.


70min ~ £55

Lifting and restructuring, this anti-ageing treatment acts like a "personal trainer" for the skin. By stimulating the skin's natural regeneration processes, it optimises firmness, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and intensifies glow.

Rich in redensifying hibiscus and lupine peptides and highly moisturising marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, it reinforces the structure of the epidermis and uses exoenzyme Q10 to protect cells from free radical attacks.

Result: visibly younger skin that is firmer and smoother, redefined facial contours.
Enjoy one facial as maintenance or follow a course of 4 sessions.

Essential steps of your Yon-Ka treatment:
  • Aromatic compress
  • Plant-based soft peel with brushes
  • Warm mist with 5 essential oils
  • Aromatic stimulation
  • Peeling
  • Anti-wrinkle forming treatment
  • Mask for face and neck
  • Aromatic freshness awakening


Resurfacing AHA-BHA treatment
75min ~ £60

Dull, tired skin?
Highly technical, this anti-ageing treatment brings out the skin's natural glow, restoring smoothness and youth as early as the first treatment. A series of 4 sessions helps to visibly diminish the signs of time. Under the rejuvenating, intensively moisturising action of controlled fruit acids, the epidermis is gently regenerated, cellular renewal is intensified, the complexion is cleared, wrinkles and fine lines vanish.

Result: skin is supple, smooth; the complexion glows and wrinkles vanish!

Enjoy once to boost radiance, or follow a course of 4 sessions that build on one another for a spectacular anti-ageing action.

Excellence Code

Age Defying Facial
75min ~ £60

Incorporating the powerful actions of Excellence Code Youth activating serum and cream, to reduce wrinkle depth by 24%; Dark Spot Intensisk; -25% Radiance and Brightness; +33% Elasticity & Firmness; and 33% Nutrition comfort and dryness 95%.

Result: skin becomes fuller with improved volume. Visible brightness and even texture.

Plaisir D'Aromes

Aromatic well-being and radiance-enhancing facial
60min ~ £50

Deliciously aromatic, this facial is a unique moment to fully relax and let go. It is also the most surprising of beauty secrets for polishing tired features and restoring radiance to the skin.

This treatment is all about subtle harmony and effective combinations: the invigorating scents of the essential oils of rosemary, lavender, and thyme; the moisturising and oxygenating power of citrus; a relaxing, balancing massage.
Result: in less than an hour, fatigue vanishes, the features are relaxed, and the complexion is glowing with beauty.

Indulge in regularly for the energising and detoxifying effects.

Bacne                                   60mins ~ £50

Using Yonka and Image Skin Care to exfoliate under steam and remove comedones and treat acne. This luxury treatment is finished with an aromatic massage.

Eclat Cocoon

Highly hydrating and relaxing facial with hot stones
60min ~ £50

The delicate aromas of this comforting "zen" facial give stressed, parched, lifeless skin an incomparable boost inner well-being.

The action of the hot rocks; the ultra hydrating aromatic preparations; and the enveloping relaxing massage ease away tensions, illuminate the complexion, and draw the whole body into a gentle state of peace.

Result: relaxed, smooth features; soft, glowing skin; restored comfort.

A break from time to enjoy as often as needed.

Yonka Hot Oil Anointing Facial

De-stress and rebalance the body and mind
60min ~ £45

Using Yon-Ka signature body oil candle, with aromatic
aromas of verbena and lavender, a warm compress is
placed on the back, then a luxury 10 minute relaxing
arm, hand and back massage is performed. Next a
deliciously aromatic facial to polish tired features and
restore balance and radiance.

Hydralessence Corps

Long-lasting deep hydrating treatment
110min ~ £75

This high-performance hydration treatment restores
incomparable suppleness and so6ness to even the most
parched skin.

From the non-abrasive, hydrating botanical exfoliation with
its delectable citrus aroma and the mineral-restoring,
so6ening bodymaskwith seaweed from Brittany to the final
relaxing, repairing massage, everything comes together to
eliminate the faintest trace of roughness, dryness, or

Result: at the end of this refreshing expert treatment, skin is divinely soft, smooth, and velvety.

A pleasure to indulge in as often as needed, and also before
and after spending time in the sun and before using AUTOBRONZANT or PROLONCATEUR DE BRONZACE.

Soin Velour

Long-lasting deep hydrating treatment
45min ~ £37.50 - Add Secret d’Beaute Facial 80min ~ £65

Performed exclusively by Yon-Ka professionals, this botanical
exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells and rough patches,
hydrates, and tones the epidermis with the stimulating effect
of a loofah imbibed with the 5 essential oils of Yon-Ka

Result: immediately so.ened skin combined with a unique
feeling of relaxation.

Mums To Be
75min ~ £60

Aromatic foot compress, full body peel to exfoliate and
hydrate. Heavy leg compress rich in climbing ivy and essential
oils, the action stimulates surface blood circulation and
leaves legs feeling wonderfully light. Express Botanical facial
and full body hydrating massage.

Pregnancy Massage 
60min ~ £45

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