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Facial treatments

Our treatment rooms are comfortably furnished with warm beds and candlelit to create a cocooning experience, ensuring you relax and enjoy your pamper sessions. Visit our beauty clinic in Armagh today.
Clinic skin assessment is the most important part of a clinical aestheticians skills. Recommending the appropriate skin care products and treatment programme
must be individualized to suit each client.
People are born with their skin types. Genetics and ethnicity determine the type of skin they have. Ivy Hughes-Brennan is a skin expert culminating in continuous advanced skin training. She will be able to deliver a bespoke skin assessment and skin treatments based on your concerns and skin goals. Time to get that glow.
Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily and Sensitive are everchanging in a client’s lifetime. A detailed consultation is vital to achieving skin goals and achieving results unparalleled.
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Mens Skin Care

The Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic provides innovative skincare solutions for men including deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing replenishment treatment and an ageing defence, time-defying treatment. For more information see our range of treatments below or call us today 028 3752 3132.

Man getting facial
Man getting a massage
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Get your skin to look and feel great from head to toe with our range of body detoxes, aromatic massages and inch-loss wraps. Our body massages are a great way to de-stress and loosen tight muscles and our wraps encourage inch loss. We use cosmeceutical, aroma-therapeutic and phyto-therapeutic products to deliver luxurious massages that revitalise your skin and give it a healthy radiance. Visit Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic today.

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Medical Micro-Needling

Medical micro-needling is the ultimate treatment for nonsurgical and non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions such as ageing (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical) skin tightening (firming) and hyperpigmentation.

Clinical studies have shown micro-needling to be more effective than ablative treatments like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peel and just as effective as nonablative treatments like IPL, C02 laser, and Fraxel in stimulating collagen and elastin production to thicken the skin thereby erasing wrinkles and smoothing scars.

Micro-needling Before & After
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Skin Peels

At Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic, we provide superficial to deep couture peel treatments depending on your skin type and requirements. Visit our beauty clinic in Armagh today for professional and innovative skincare solutions such as acne removal.

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Wedding makeup

Look your best on your special day with a professional and personalised makeup service. Our team of makeup artists are experienced and reliable at providing high-end makeup solutions that make you look great and feel confident. 
Whether you are planning to wear a traditional gown or a chic outfit, our makeup artist will do the makeup that goes well with your wedding dress and the theme. Our wedding makeup package includes makeup trial and consultation.
Wedding makeup
Semi-permanent makeup
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Semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is the art of implanting pigments into the skin for improved definition of facial features and to create strokes that mimic hairs. Semi-permanent makeup can be used to define eyes, brows and lips. While eyes are defined with a semi-permanent liner, lips are enhanced with a liner and blush and the brows are drawn using hair simulation technique.
Visit Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic in Armagh for semi-permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation solutions. All our skincare and makeup procedures are carried out by trained professionals.
Benefits of semi-permanent makeup
  • To accentuate the eyebrows using a 3-dimensional hair simulation technique
  • To get the perfect and natural-looking semi-permanent eyeliner makeup
  • Eyelid makeup to make the eyes look bigger
  • To enhance the lip shape with a liner and blush
  • Semi-permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation greatly reduce everyday makeup application time
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Laser iPulse

What is iPulse hair removal?
iPulse is a new type of hair removal technology which utilises light to disable the cells within the hair follicle and stop the hairs from growing back. This unique way of removing unwanted hair is quick, easy and affordable.
The iPulse method is fast growing in popularity across the world and could mean the end of painful methods like waxing, electrolysis and lasers. Results are so long-lasting that one short course of treatments and a maintenance session once or twice a year will ensure you never have to wax or shave again. Prices on request. Seasonal offers and best prices guaranteed.
Laser Hair Removal
Woman getting Manicure
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Hands & Feet

Get your hands and feet manicured and pedicured by expert nail technicians. We provide mini and French manicures and specialise in nail art services. You can also visit us for a nail soak-off and nourish session or buy from us a soak-off home kit.
We also do gel polishing and French nail painting, which is the most popular among our regulars or come and treat yourself to a session on one of the amazing pedi chairs at Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic whilst our beauticians apply quality treatments to your hands and feet. Our pedi chairs are the perfect treat for mother and daughter or friends alike, and you'll be sure to feel fulfilled and refreshed. We will even treat you both to a glass of bubbles.
  • Spa pedicure
  • Side-by-side chairs
  • Mother and daughter, or friends
  • Free glass of bubbly
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Body wrap treatments

Minimi is a non-invasive body wrap treatment, designed to offer you a more sculpted with lasting results.
The advanced technology in the Minimi solution targets those difficult areas often found on the body (such as hips, buttocks, waist and arms). Minimi has the power to help you drop a dress size in a single treatment.

Along with inch-loss, Minimi is a great treatment for your skin. Clients may see noticeable improvement in the appearance of cellulite and skin may appear more toned.

Results are visible immediately and will continue for up to three days after treatment.
To achieve maximum and lasting results, a course of six treatments is recommended and should be combined with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise.
Minimi Body Wrap
Fake Tan
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Face and body tanning

Visit Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic today for professional allover tan (St Tropez). 
Whether you are preparing yourself for an upcoming holiday or just want to keep up your day-to-day look and image, we can be assured you will get the results you desire when visiting our clinic.

For skincare treatments and beauty services in Armagh

Visit Papilio Beauty & Lazer Clinic today and step out looking glamorous.